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Mennonite Church USA Historical Archives (Newton, KS)

Contact Information
Mailing address:
718 North Main Street
Newton, KS 67114

Mission:  The Mennonite Church USA Archives seeks to inspire people worldwide to follow Christ by engaging them with the historical record of Mennonite Christian discipleship.


  • We serve as the official repository for the historical records of the Mennonite Church USA and its predecessors, the Mennonite Church and the General Conference Mennonite Church.
  • We manage the current records of the Mennonite Church USA both to hold denominational leaders accountable and to ensure that today’s examples of Mennonite Christian discipleship are not lost to future generations.
  • We maintain a manuscript collection documenting Mennonite history, theology, and faith practices.
  • We provide resources for worship, faith formation, and evangelism that exemplify Mennonite Christian discipleship and trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • We support Christian communities spanning time and distance through the use of Internet technologies.  We strongly value online access to archival materials.
  • We empower regional Mennonite historical organizations, area conferences, and local congregations to collect, preserve, and provide access to their historical collections by offering education, advice, and technical support.
  • We partner with Mennonite schools, colleges, universities, and seminaries to improve access to, care of, and education through historical records documenting Mennonite Christian discipleship.
  • We strive to deal honestly and openly with individual, community, and corporate failings of North American Mennonites.  Corporately, the church seeks forgiveness for those failings.

Locations:  The Mennonite Church USA archives are located at 1700 South Main Street, Goshen, Indiana and 300 East 27th Street, North Newton, Kansas.


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